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Some customers require inexpensive cars sold for under $20,000. Given that car prices have significantly gone up over the years, finding them in this price range might seem a bit difficult to do, based on location.

In some places, this is easier to find than in others. Madison Heights has many used car sellers, but few compare to the quality of service and low prices Golling Kia of Madison Heights offers. We have cars within the specified price range in used condition, but in a state that'll leave you surprised by the quality of their parts and engines.

Many people need inexpensive used cars for different but important purposes, here are some of them:

College Students - Most students enrolled at a college already have large quantities of work under their plate. On top of that, some are employed with part-time pay. Many students have financial situations that require saving whenever necessary, and that includes their transportation.

First-time Drivers - Many parents prefer that their teen's first vehicle be cheap, something that's safe but can teach them how to handle and work on a car. We have used automobiles that have undergone detailed safety inspections, models with used parts that work. Our used vehicles are certified and maintained to provide safety and reliability for the driver. Some new drivers, both young and old, are recommended cheaper cars due to the common mistake of them turning too sharply and getting fender benders.

- It's common to find people with multiple automobiles in their garage. But do you have one that's guaranteed to run in case of emergencies? In the unfortunate event that something breaks down and renders your primary mode of transportation temporarily stalled, you can have a backup to take you where you need to go. Additionally, a secondary car could be beneficial for exchanging parts or providing a power boost to a weak battery.

Errand Vehicle - Maybe you want a cheap car to drive around town in, something you won't have to worry about taking to the car wash after every outing. If you have a new car already, it's a good idea to consider an alternative to drive to places that are close to home.

Used Cars that We Sell Under $10k

Under $20,000, some might expect a used car to feature parts that are less than stellar. In many cases, this is correct. But if you shop with us, we can get you a cheap vehicle that works just as well as recently used models. Some of our discount cars are in nearly the same condition as others that are more expensive, the difference in them being the mileage. The higher the mileage and depreciation, the cheaper the car. Models like Ford, Kia, Mazda, and Toyotas are all here and sold at a price that's hard to beat.

Find us in Madison Heights to get Your Next Affordable Used Car

You deserve a car that's easy to drive, has parts that aren't rusted, and can take you anywhere you want with no worries of stalls. At under $10,000, financing deals are plenty. Affordable cars make great gift ideas and are advised for nearly everyone, even people with new vehicles. There are multiple configurations at discounted prices, sometimes with optional trims when the inventory is high.

You don't have to start the process when you're here. Arrange a visit to us, and we'll show you our SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks, and compacts cars that we sell at slashed prices. To find out more information, make a call during ordinary business hours or come through when you're in the area. We can inform you of any questions or concerns, either when you're here or long before a scheduled appointment.

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