Are you not sure where to take your car for its next routine service? Our dealership in Madison Heights is the best possible option.

Whether it's for something as simple as refilling your tire pressures or more advanced services like transmission fluid change, Golling Kia of Madison Heights' highly-trained service technicians and parts team are ready to take care of your needs with the most reliable service in Madison Heights.

Here are some routine services your car might be due for:

Tire Rotation and New Tire Services

Let our service team quickly rotate your tires every five thousand miles for prolonged tire life. Do you need a new set of treads? No problem. A member of our parts team will be happy to provide you with a list of tire options, and our technicians will quickly mount them up for you once you decide.

Oil and Filter Service

Stay on top of your oil change services using Golling Kia of Madison Heights as a resource. Schedule an oil change service online in advance, and we'll have your oil change done with factory parts before you can finish your complimentary beverage.

Brake Flush/Replacement

Keep your brakes in top shape by letting us perform a brake flush every 20 thousand miles. Bring it to our dealership in Madison Heights for brake service if you are experiencing abnormal braking. We'll also give you a complete report of the condition of your brakes.

Battery and Alternator Services

There is nothing worse than being inconvenienced by a bad battery or alternator. Tow your car to our dealership in Madison Heights for a quick and easy solution to your battery and alternator problems.

Full Inspection Services

Are you going on a long road trip or not sure which repairs your car needs? Don't worry. We'll give you a list of all the needed repairs.

Schedule Your Service Online

Scheduling online service is a reliable and fast way to secure a time slot for service here at Golling Kia of Madison Heights.

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